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Hey Campers! How many times have you woken up and your back is stiff or painful while camping? This is because most sleeping bags are not really comfortable to sleep in, and its even worse if the ground is either too rough or too cold to enjoy your outdoor experience. That’s why at The Survival Bug store we decided to add items that will make your outdoor experience more comfortable.

About 50% of all Americans suffer from back pain so this super light inflatable pad will change your outdoor experience from painful to comfortable, this inflatable pad will help you have a full night’s sleep, so the next day you feel full of energy, and ready to start your trek.

In a survival situation you either have to stay outdoors, in a shelter, or at family or friend’s house, so this inflatable mattress is really easy to inflate and deflate, it will make your survival situation more cozy.

The material is Marine grade polyester and TPU coated nylon textiles which are primarily used for inflatable life jacket bladders and for inflatable life rafts. (Made to resist water but not to use as a floating device)

Great Air Holding; excellent air holding capacity is essential to this product. TPU-coated textiles have particularly strong fabric resistance, helping ensure they maintain their air holding capacity for an extended time.

Water and Weather Resistant; resistant to long periods of rain and salt water and it’s expected to last for years. TPU coated nylon fabric is particularly resistant to oil and grease as well as abrasion, meaning that despite exposure to harsh conditions the coated textile can be expected to last.

It gives you a durable sleeping pad, no worries about sharp stone or branch. This camping pad is easy to carry and perfect for your tent and hammock.


By Inflating Mode: External Inflator Pump
Dampproof Mat Type: Mattress
Outdoor Activity: Camp
Model Number: Camping pad
Material: TPU
Material: Nylon + TPU
Size: 7'7" 2'2" 1'6"
Proof pad types: Inflatable moisture pad
Net Weight: 1lbs
Color: Orange, blue,Green

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