Life Saving, Survival Kit "Top 13 Prepper Items"

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Best survival kit ever


This is one of the best beginner’s kits; it has everything you need to survive and is perfect for the trunk of your car. Each item will make the difference on a survival situation.


1: Multifunctional Survival Wristband paracord, 5 in 1, this cool wrist band will serve also as a scraper, whistle, tourniquet, cord, and compass.
2: SOS Flashlight ( 3 function) that will be key for the rescuers to find you in a survival situation.

3: Self-defense Tactical pen, you can also use it to break a window to escape from a crash car.
4: Folding knife, will serve you to hunt, to skin and butcher any animal to survive
5: Golden compass will help you to find your way around.
6: Anti-insect emergency blanket, will keep uninvited bugs and mosquitoes away.
7: Whistle, will help others to find you.
8: Water Bottle Clip, so you can hang your bottle of water
9: Multifunctional Saber Card,  a ruler, opener, keyhole, Allen key, rope cutter, screwdriver, can opener, knife etc.
10: Mini LED lights to have a extra little light
11: Wire saw; this tool will help you cut dry branches to start a fire
12: IP65 Waterproof good quality survival box
13: Green Laser pointer, perfect for night recues.

Type: First Aid Kits
Product name: Outdoor Survival First Aid Kits
Survival kit set 1: Multifunctional Survival Wristband paracord
Survival kit set 2: SOS Flashlight ( 3 function)
Survival kit set 3: Self-defense Tactical pen
Survival kit set 4: Folding knife
Survival kit set 5: Golden compass
Survival kit set 6: Anti-insect emergency blanket
Survival kit set 7: Whistle
Survival kit set 8: Water Bottle Clip
Survival kit set 9: Multifunctional Saber Card
Survival kit set 10: mini leds
Survival kit set 11: Wire saw
Survival kit set 12: IP65 Waterproof good quality survival box
Survival kit set 13: Green Laser pointer
Survival garget: Outdoor camping travel kit equipment
Camping kit: Survival gear kit garget
Survival first aid kit: Survival camp kit
Travel camp kit tools: camping, Travel, adventure, survival and other emergency
Outdoor EDC tools: multifunctional survival wristband paracord

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