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In the event of a crisis a well-made axe will be a life saver.  For example, if you get trapped in house that is in flames an axe will allow you to break a door, window, or wall so you can go out. Also, if you carry it in your car this axe will allow you to break a window and let somebody that is trapped to get out.


But if you have to survive outdoors for days, this axe will help you to chop wood to make a fire, butcher food, and with the back part you’ll be able to tighten and loosen bolts and take out nails. This will be a lifesaver when building a hut or temporary refuge or carving wood.  It’s made of stainless steel will last forever.


This is a must-have in your bug-out bag or survival gear. It includes an indestructible axe holster that you can carry on your belt or bag. The axe is almost a foot long and the blade is 4 inches wide; the perfect size to fit in your bug-out bag: light, strong, and a rubberized handle to avoid getting blisters.


A bug out bag is not complete without a axe like, so you can buy this one with confidence.  

Model Number: 1
Axe Head Material: Stainless Steel
is_customized: Yes
Weight: 420G
Handle Material: Fiberglass
Features: Multifunctional
Features: Explosion-proof
Features: Antimagnetic
Features: Dismountable
Overall Length: 31CM
Axe Head Type: Double-bit
Type: Axe Head

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