Survival water filter system for outdoor sport camping emergency survival tool.

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A must have item for a survival situation: after a disaster, earthquake, hurricane, flood, or an event of war, the water system in a city gets damaged, so the priority number one is to get purified water. That’s why this item is a must have in your survival gear, bug-out bag etc.

As a survivor of a big earthquake and a huge hurricane, I know that the priority number one is not just to get hydrated but also make sure that the water is free from bacteria that causes stomach infections which could lead to dehydration and, in extreme cases, death.

Most of the people that end up lost in the forest have had to survive by drinking water from rain and creeks, but these are not free from bacteria and harmful microorganisms, this little filter will be key in a survival situation.

This mini filter is capable of filtrating any bacteria and toxic substance; you only need a container to collect water. You can also collect water directly from the source! Filter up to 2,000 liters of water before replacing the filter.

Perfect for mountain bikers, hikers, mount climbers, preppers, campers, backpackers and any survivalist.

Easy to use, lightweight, and an awesome design that will keep your body hydrated for may days.

Buy with confidence!

Brand Name: miniwell
Type: Water Filter
Filtration Capacity: 2000 Liters
Water Flow: 0.6L/min
Filtration Pore Size: 0.1 Micron
Size: 40*136mm
NW: 40 g
Color: Green
Material: ABS, UF(medical grade), Silicone
Usable Range: remote village,flood,disaster
Emergency survival: outdoor sport,camping,hiking,fishing

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