Ultra Light and foldable, Outdoor Wood Stove, Titanium made.

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Stop wasting time trying to light a fire, it’s true that you need three rocks to start a fire but in many areas you won’t find rocks. Besides, sometimes wind will cool off your fire and, let’s be honest, lighting a fire is not easy. Sometimes just the leader gets to light the fire.

That was in the ancient times, now Ultra Light and foldable, Outdoor Wood Stove, Titanium made, will make the work of lighting a fire so easy that even the most inexperienced camper will be able to light a fire. Just add light material first (paper or leaves) and then start throwing more solid branches! This Ultra Light and foldable, Outdoor Wood Stove, Titanium made is specially designed to get the perfect mix between fuel and oxygen which is key to have a nice bonfire that is not just going to warm you up, but also will allow you to cook outdoor food without the hassle.

The material is Ultralight and long-lasting titanium plates, that is easy to carry. It weighs just half a pound, the design will allow the perfect amount of air to keep your fire going, the titanium will be sturdy enough to cook food, boil water, setting on the top pots and pans.

The small portable size will make your outdoor experience really wonderful.

So don’t waste precious time trying to set a fire and let this wonderful stove be part of your backpack, that will make your survival experience more enjoyable.

This stove is easy to clean, rust resistant, easy to carry, time saving, cool looking, and will save you a lot of tears that comes from the smoke hurting your precious eyes.


Brand Name: TOMSHOO
With Ignition Device or Not: Not Included
Disposable: No
Number of Users: 3-5
Material: Titanium Metal
Model: Titanium Wood Stove
Fuel: Firewood
Structure: Split
Piece Number Of Wind Deflector: No wind shield
Applicable Seasoning Type: NONE
Application Method: Manual
Usage Condition: Normal Outdoor
Type: Other Stove

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