Ultra light, Weatherproof, Waterproof, Camping Tent!

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A tent is a refuge against the elements but unless the tent is well built, it will be a problem instead of a solution. There are several elements that makes this tent a real hiding place and they are:


Aluminum poles. Other tents may come with fiberglass poles, but they are fragile and more likely to break.


The tent has adequate rainfly. The rainfly is your tent's umbrella. Look for a fly that comes well down the sides of the tent rather than just across the top. Rainflies are waterproof. Tent walls are water-repellant. We used 15D custom silicon fabric, with three layers to make it waterproof and weather-proof, (water and UV light)


Folded seams, double stitching, and rubberized. A common problem with other tents is if you pull the material on either side of a seam and see through the stitches, the tent will leak. But not ours; it’s because we use waterproof rubber.


The floor is made of waterproof material, and it comes 5” inches up the sides before it is sewn to the tent walls.

The tent has adequate guy lines.Tent walls, and sometimes rainflies, have loops sown near the middle. These loops are used to attach guy lines that pull the walls out so that they are taunt. It's impossible to sleep in a tent that's flapping in the wind, that’s why our tent is stable and windproof.




The tent has good-sized stake loops.

It has loops at the base of your tent in every corner and at the center of each side. These loops are big enough to accommodate the large plastic stakes sold in camping stores. We Metal stake loops are preferred. Plastic ones might break when you hammer in the stakes.


The tent  uses Nylon meshing.

This is the best material for keeping those nasty little bugs out.

The tent has a roof vent.Opening this at night will help create some air circulation and eliminate condensation inside your tent.

The tent has heavy-duty zippers. You'll be in and out of your tent a lot, so our zippers hold up frequent use

Easy to Pitch, light weight 2.5lbs

Size: 6’8” long, 4’1” Tall, 3”1’wide.

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Type: 1 - 2 Person Tent
Building Type: Construction Based on Need
Layers: DOUBLE
Pole Material: Aluminum
Outside Tent Waterproof Index: >3000 mm
Season: Four-season Tent
Bottom Waterproof Index: >3000 mm
Structure: One Bedroom
Fabric: Nylon
Area: 120cm * 210cm * 65cm,120cm * 210cm *115cm
Number of Users: One
is_customized: Yes
color: Gray yellow Black Red

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